LOL Studio for iPhone and iPod Touch

LOL Studio is a fun photo app that lets you caption memes you find online or pictures of your idiot friends already saved on your device. LOL Studio offers an easy to use interface to add and or re-arrange captions as well as customize colors and fonts. If you’re just looking to just waste some time, the integrated gallery is updated daily with new LOL pics from around the web.

LOL Studio offers the following features

    • Browse photos saved to device
    • Select plain or demotivational style
    • Add and position captions
    • Change font size, color and style

      Download LOL Studio on iTunes App Store

      LOL Studio Plus

      LOL Studio Plus includes all the features of LOL Studio and offers fresh images and meme templates from around the web ready to caption and share with friends. LOL Studio Plus is also ad free.

      Purchase LOL Studio Plus on iTunes App Store

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